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My crazy dreams!!!!

My crazy dreams!

One night, I’m in a damn hurry on my bike, riding it at its maximum speed! It was around 9.30 , and don’t know why, there was huge crowd gathered in a place. I think some riot taking place.

I somehow made the way through that crowd.

Back of me, my friend was sitting, a girl , I had to drop her home somehow, I was sweating like hell, driving passionately, like its my last ride ever! 

We pass through a zig zag upwards road, and that part of the road was completely silent hardly any vehicle could be seen over there. I was in a constant speed but suddenly a saw a huge gate, it was like a entrance to a ghost’s place. Something strange was happening within me. Even though I was focusing on the road ahead, some part of me, like a third eye of me was just looking at that huge scary gate! I don’t know why that strange thing was occurring in me but I was amazed, blank , in a dilemma. 

Suddenly the road ahead feels like its turning into sand and just scattering away by the wind that’s blowing like anything. 

What the hell is happening?!!!

I was losing control over my bike and my friend started screaming on top of her voice. She was shivering like hell. I looked back at her, trying to console her and as I was turning I saw a truck rushing towards us and GONE!!!!!!

Its 8.30 am , you are still sleeping beta? Wake up..!!!! My grandma shouting…

And me was like. Damn!

Talk between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law (Saas -Bahu)

While I was blankly but observatively roaming around the market, I stopped by a mixture shop. I look always something for new which is either new in the market or I haven’t tasted yet. And I eavesdrops a conversation between Saas bahu . its quite funny … 
Seller – “Two packs of tamarind for 150rs, just 150rs!”

Bahu- Amma(Mother) see, its just for 150rs for two pack , let’s buy . We won’t get good one near our place.

Saas – “No, You know right last time we purchased one from that place, just waste of money. No need I will buy”

Seller- “Akka (sister) , take it . See its of very good quality. Take it ”

Bahu- “Amma see na once its look good. Shall I Buy?”

Saas- ” No. I told you right?” (Angerily)

Seller opens the cover and shows, “See akka touch it and see.. Taste it if you want.”

Bahu- “Amma let’s buy it please. Can I?”

Saas- “No. Don’t want .. Don’t you understand. I told you once right? Oh Anna, give me 250g chakkuli” to a person at mixture shop.
Seller – “see Akka check it.. Its good.. Check if you want”

Bahu start checking, she’s confused between the two, seller and saas. Both are doing their best. Seller is putting all his effort to make a sale and Saas is determined with her decision. But finally one has to give up. Saas is getting very angry and irritated and as if she will slap her bahu if she asks again.

But seller his fully motivated and pushs Bahut to buy it and finally..

Bahu- “See Amma just you check it and see. See once . If you don’t like then will not buy.”

Saas very angry, but still slowly touches the tamarind and examine it.

And finally…

Saas- “Ok buy it.”

Bahu very happy ask the rate again.

And finally buys a packet for 80rs.

And Sale is made.

Hats off to the seller and his dedication!!!!!

Review of the book “The Boy Who Loved” by Durjoy Datta

 Overall rating 4/5

This book covers the story of Raghu who fall I love with Brahmi but its-like-a-one-sided for a while but later she too agrees. Also its set around 1999 and 2000 and covers various events that happened during that time like Kargil war, and our cricket war etc. Also this story reveals some dark side of religious beliefs or religions, and on and on and on.

Overall its very good and yes, look forward to its part-two.

A crow

While having my evening snack,

Though very rarely I have,

I was having at the backdoor of our house,

There’s everywhere cashewnut trees though it doesn’t belong to us,

After cashewnuts there are coconut trees plantation,

A crow came and sat on compound wall,

Crying kaaw-kaaw turning head around,

It was trying to tell something,

I have not mastered their language,

As I was eating (pulav) it was crying and looking at me,

May be its hungry I thought,

I continued my eating and it continued its kaaw-kaaw,

After few seconds I went near the compound wall,

From a little distance from the crow,

I served a spoonful of pulav on the wall,

And came back to my place.

It was just watching me, was not afraid of me,

May be it too knew that I was about give it food,

Or may be it didn’t had enough energy to fly,

It then flew to the place where I served food,

And began eating through its peak,

Few Rice at a time, staring towards me,

Still after every bite it continued its kaaw-kaaw,

And even now it didn’t understand why?
May be it was happy now oray be it wanted to call its companions,

To share the tasty food with them,

Or may be it’s a mother, and calling her children indicating she has got food,

Sometimes I think that whether its right that we (humans) and they(births) both exist together,

Have we occupied their habitat or they has entered our zone?

Why some hate crow? Why some call it “bad luck”? 

Is it because its black not colorful,

Or May be because its cry is not that pleasing to ears,

Why can’t we just put a little food at our balcony or compound?

Or where we know birds fly around and rest.

Why humans see only those poors which others highlight to us,

Why not these birds or other pets?

Just because they can’t speak or Hans forgot that they too exist,

Dont just help those who ask you help,

Also help those who need it but can’t express,

Thats the difference between us and living creatures,

And that’s for what we are born as humans.

Doesn’t matter whether its the beautiful or ugly creature,

All has stomach, all feel hunger,

Food & love is what all needs,

That’s why its unity in diversity.