A tree or a plant 

What did I asked from you? 

Except a tiny place to stand lifelong, 

Fortunate are those who can wander place to place, 

We are the only living creature be forever in a same place. 

Still we are happy,  accepting our fate, 

Happy to play our role well, 

Take CO2 and give immense O2,

Still am I burden to you. 

I bring rain and give some shade, 

If I grow a little more you will cut me with Blade,  

Still I happily bear the pain, 

Even though it’s not in my control. 

I don’t mind if you cut away completely us, 

Make us disappear from this earth, 

But still I will think of you,  

How will you leave without me? 

Who will give you oxygen, 

The shade,  the coolness, 

The food to eat,  furnitures to sit, 

Control the heavy winds,  and the thunderings, 

Who will my child will take care of you? 

Am I not also like your mother who takes care of you, 

I will be as you want me to be, 

Coz I can’t shout,  scream,  nor fight,

My crazy dreams #2

I met HIM again and was Blissful 

Why not be I?  How many are so lucky? 

Strange but it was during a marriage occasion, 

I went to HIM and beside HIM was my grandma, 

In his most dynamic and humble voice, “bolo beta”

That magical voice can soothen your mind, 

It will give you peace of mind, 
But I had a bigger issue,  

Obviously for everyone their issue is the biggest, 

I introduced myself, 

I’m a Silver of your organization, 

“Oh accha beta bolo”

“Yes Sir main kuch Kar nahi paraha”

and my grandma came in between, 

Though we didn’t bother about what she was telling, 

Sir then said meet me after a while, 

And then I met him again, 

Saying Samething same problem, 

He started giving a example, 

Something about a school which is at Delhi, 

Trying to recall it’s name, 

He was walking here and there 

Scratching his head and me waiting for his continuation, 

He made a call and asked that School’s name, 

Turning towards me beta it’s unkid school, 

I was confused with the name, 

I repeated,  “UNKID”?

A secret box

Akshay was an exuberant boy.  His favorite subject was English which he used to listen meticulously.  He had a quest.. but don’t know for what that quest was for.  There was something missing in his life and he badly wanted to unfold that chapter.  He felt that his mind was encapsulated in a cage. He was not able to think out of the box.  

On a Saturday afternoon, while walking to his home. His eyes fell into a shining object behind a tree like its enshrined. He hesitated to go towards it but something inside him forcefully made him step towards it.  Before trying to convince his mind not to go,  he had already reached near it, he was just a few centimeters away. 

Now with no option of turning back but looking what’s there into it,  he bent to reveal what secret is enclosed inside it. 

The box appears to be as sacred as though it’s from a royal kingdom in which most valuable jewels used to be preserved. 

He was strenously trying to open it.  Finally his efforts bear fruit.  And he found a paper nicely rolled and tied with a strange-looking-but-precious-ribbon. 

He untied it and started reading…. 
Whosoever reading it… You are special…  You are amazing.. You are a luminous person.. You are going to make this world a beautiful place! 

You will emancipate the world from devils in their minds. You will make people’s lives blissful. You exhortate people to do what’s require to make this world a beautiful place to live.  

You may be living a simple life now and may live a simple life even rest of your life but you will do something magical for mankind that no-one could ever payoff for it.  You will be inexorable and  even no-one would want to come in your way as whatever you gonna do will be a secret which others would come to know only once you achieve it.

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