My crazy dreams!!!!

My crazy dreams!

One night, I’m in a damn hurry on my bike, riding it at its maximum speed! It was around 9.30 , and don’t know why, there was huge crowd gathered in a place. I think some riot taking place.

I somehow made the way through that crowd.

Back of me, my friend was sitting, a girl , I had to drop her home somehow, I was sweating like hell, driving passionately, like its my last ride ever! 

We pass through a zig zag upwards road, and that part of the road was completely silent hardly any vehicle could be seen over there. I was in a constant speed but suddenly a saw a huge gate, it was like a entrance to a ghost’s place. Something strange was happening within me. Even though I was focusing on the road ahead, some part of me, like a third eye of me was just looking at that huge scary gate! I don’t know why that strange thing was occurring in me but I was amazed, blank , in a dilemma. 

Suddenly the road ahead feels like its turning into sand and just scattering away by the wind that’s blowing like anything. 

What the hell is happening?!!!

I was losing control over my bike and my friend started screaming on top of her voice. She was shivering like hell. I looked back at her, trying to console her and as I was turning I saw a truck rushing towards us and GONE!!!!!!

Its 8.30 am , you are still sleeping beta? Wake up..!!!! My grandma shouting…

And me was like. Damn!


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