Talk between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law (Saas -Bahu)

While I was blankly but observatively roaming around the market, I stopped by a mixture shop. I look always something for new which is either new in the market or I haven’t tasted yet. And I eavesdrops a conversation between Saas bahu . its quite funny … 
Seller – “Two packs of tamarind for 150rs, just 150rs!”

Bahu- Amma(Mother) see, its just for 150rs for two pack , let’s buy . We won’t get good one near our place.

Saas – “No, You know right last time we purchased one from that place, just waste of money. No need I will buy”

Seller- “Akka (sister) , take it . See its of very good quality. Take it ”

Bahu- “Amma see na once its look good. Shall I Buy?”

Saas- ” No. I told you right?” (Angerily)

Seller opens the cover and shows, “See akka touch it and see.. Taste it if you want.”

Bahu- “Amma let’s buy it please. Can I?”

Saas- “No. Don’t want .. Don’t you understand. I told you once right? Oh Anna, give me 250g chakkuli” to a person at mixture shop.
Seller – “see Akka check it.. Its good.. Check if you want”

Bahu start checking, she’s confused between the two, seller and saas. Both are doing their best. Seller is putting all his effort to make a sale and Saas is determined with her decision. But finally one has to give up. Saas is getting very angry and irritated and as if she will slap her bahu if she asks again.

But seller his fully motivated and pushs Bahut to buy it and finally..

Bahu- “See Amma just you check it and see. See once . If you don’t like then will not buy.”

Saas very angry, but still slowly touches the tamarind and examine it.

And finally…

Saas- “Ok buy it.”

Bahu very happy ask the rate again.

And finally buys a packet for 80rs.

And Sale is made.

Hats off to the seller and his dedication!!!!!


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