Angels do come! 

The destiny is far,

You are struggling,  grinding,  endeavoring to reach there,

To conquer the vision you have,

But you are being abrogating from it,

All your confidence is shattering,

But you know you have to hassle,

Coz you know nothing comes easily,

For a while you may loose all your faith in god

Coz they will making you to go through worst ever path,

But you don’t have any other option than to hassle,

Just like that frog which had fell into milk,

It just knew it had to survive,  kept paddling,

Till the milk turned into curd,

But God the creator knows their duty as well,

You may loose faith on them, but they never stops loving you,

THEY knows everything- how you’re and what you are,

THEY never leaves you alone,

THEY ,when feels that there are enough hurdles,

give you a moment of happiness to cherish,

Though they cannot appear by themselves

so has sent the angels which have surrounded you,

When you think I’LL QUIT, he sends his angels to make you realize NO, NOT NOW,

To make you realize ITS NOT THE END,

To make you realize that the time you’re going through its temporary,

Just keep paddling,  grinding some more,

because life is not what you are dreaming,

Life is indefinitely beautiful than you imagine,

Don’t forget to thank those Angels,

because they are not angels but God himself.


Story: The Boy Who Loved To Read

Story: The Boy Who Loved To Read

Once, there was a boy who loved to read. He read everything he could get his hands on, and loved going to his favorite book store. One day, the boy realized he had read everything the store had to offer. He confronted the owner, and asked him if he had anything the boy had never checked out. The owner said why, yes, I do, and pulled out a book called “Death”. He gladly sold it to the boy at a discounted price of 50$.

However, he warned the boy, never to read the front page. Well, the boy returned to his house and read the book, and he was content. However, he always wondered, what could be on that front page, it was always in the back of his mind. One day, the temptation was too much for the boy, and he flipped to the very front of the book, and dropped the book in HORROR.

There, in bold print, was MRP 7.99$