Waaawww session!!!

Its 30th July, 2017 and I got a chance to attend a MULTI LINGUAL POETRY SESSION organised by KAVITA TRUST held at Rohan Corporation, Balmatta.
It was my first ever experience attending such a session and this can be a BIG U-TURN in my life which would surely make me a Poet( hope it will!)

So what made me drive so crazy about it?

Let me tell you that I didn’t understood 80% of the session! And why? Because it was in Konkani mainly but I, now, in love with Konkani language and gonna learn it soon. 

There was a dynamic person , his versatility, talent, AND A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR made me his biggest fan! And he is DR. PRABHAKAR JOSHI. An awesome personality and yes, he is from Mangalore. His energy was damn amazing. And coming to other chief guests, there were four others and I’m not exactly aware of their name.

They are great poets and they said their poems in different language , each one 3 poems. It was in Konkani, Marathi. Kannada and Tulu.

Though I know Kannada and tulu is my mother tongue still every lines of their poem just flew over my head. 

That’s why I said it was amazing because it was on that level where I am yet to reach and then understand it. But woh aisa cheez tha jise sunkar aap bas ko jaao aur anand hi anand paao… Remembered that Govinda’s line from the movie PARTNER- Itni khushi..itni khushi… Mujhe kab nahi huyi!!!!

Education is the weapon through which you can change the world.


Writer can rule the modern world.
Soon you will get to hear or read poems from me… Be ready to get demotivated hahaha… 
And yes, if you too love reading and writing, attend these kinds of session compulsorily.
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My first Film Audition

Being its Sunday, that too early morning (Sunday.. 9am also sounds like early morning only), I went for the audition and it was told to me by my friend. I had a work in the afternoon and was free in the morning so I just thought of giving it a chance and also have a new experience so that I can share with you all.
Audition place was not far,just  45 mins by bus  and walk for 10 mins, around a hour to reach that place. 

Reached bit early so thought of walking a bit front from the audition place and come back to just waste 10-15 mins and listen songs. As I was walking a guy with ponytail and beard in R15 no it was Kariszma , stopped nearby me and enquired about the audition place. I told him but he asked whether I would come with him and I thought (why not?) .

Within few minutes, we were at the audition venue. Around 50 participants already taken their audition form, some were filling the form and some already submitted and were practising.
I went to the desk, three men sitting with T-shirt on which the film’s name and director’s name was printed.

I took the form and started filling it. There were 10 topics and we had to select one and act for a minute. JUST A MINUTE! A MINUTE THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

and not just a minute.. It was set of 1 minute may be.. As there were many rounds.

After submitting my form and choosing the topic on which I gonna act, I started writing and preparing.

After a hour … There were almost 200 participants and it was my turn to give audition.

A guy was on instagram live and like asking everyone to share their experience and act a little. 

The faces with the emotions.. Dreams, nervous, confident, etc. 

Finally I went in, very nervous and yes, I screwd it.

But as I told you, it was just for the experience but obviously for many, I mean for almost all , its about their dream, passion and some lucky ones , talented and hardworking ones are going to be the future star.

And yes, you rarely get a chance to see and meet the future stars before they become a Celebrity!

Was a wonderful experience and surely if possible I will try next time and go with atleast a bit of practise!

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Review of the movie “Jagga Jasoos”

“Adventurous, beautiful, and there is a story”

This movie can be compared to 80’s movie where a son finds his unknown father but this one is not exactly same.

This is an unique bollywood movie with some unique execution, something which I haven’t seen in Bollywood yet.

Its engaging with really good scenes and obviously the acting is very good of all the actors.

I just felt its a bit long movie but overall you will enjoy if you love watching some adventurous, family love, like jungle book. 

Yes, this can be called as Indian version of Disney… Hahaha!

I would overall rate it 4 out of 5! 

And its watchable and you wouldn’t feel bad after watching this movie atleast I feel so!
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Why people waste time?                                        And how they can utilise time effectively?

I see many youths wasting time , I mean “n” lot of times and I personally feel terrible because for me time is money and time matters the most.

As Steve Jobs once said, “Your time is limited, do what you love”

But I will further add that, Dont just do what you love but do what really helps you to grow in life and to achieve benchmarks.

If I find a youth or anyone else who is simply checking out Facebook or instagram, twitter or any other social medias AND question him, “Are you really doing what you love?” Then he will answer ” YES I LOVE TO USE SOCIAL MEDIAS”

So the question that you need to ask yourself is , “Whether what you are doing is really benefitting you? Is it really helping you to create or build a beautiful future?” 

If NO, then why are you doing it???
From my personal experience, I can say that –

a. They don’t know what they want in life or NO CLEAR VISION OR GOALS.

b. They afraid or failed before trying to do something and now they Dont want to try at all.

c. They think that time is really VERY LIMITED (may be some days or months) and if they do something great and then die then what’s the point of making something great?

And the list goes on…..

a. They can find out – in what they are really good about? For example:- dancing, writing, singing, painting etc and let them spend time doing it with whatever they can. You no need a professional dancer or singer to teach you can start anyhow and somehow when you realise that your time is valuable.

b. If they dont have any such talents or Dont want to follow what they like and if they are of like helping-others-make-them-happy type. Let them join some social service group and do whatever they can. Tomorrow they will recognise for it.

c. Still if they are confused… Let them find out what they like by trying to various things. (It can be anything that’s good)

Right now I am running this blog because I too felt that I’m wasting time and instead let me do this and share something that can benefit others. Write articles which would be helpful for people. 

You all can also share your suggestions in the comment below.

You can reach me @ akshaynaikon24@gmail.com

Review of the book “I too Had a Love Story” by Ravinder Singh

I know this book has been published long back (just few years back) but still whenever I see this book, all the incidents described in this book flashes in front of eye as though I witnessed it through my naked eye!
This book will make you believe in the power of true love, how it can change you or make a better person.
This is one of those books on romance that will make a mark in your mind and heart forever!

If don’t think then you can try!

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Review of the movie “Dobaara…see your evil”

This film did grab my attention and made me watch it full without skipping/missing any part.
This is one of the Bollywood movie that really has some horror and you would like to keep guessing what would happen next. Its a nail-biting watch and I feel that all actors has done very good job with their characters. So its a good watch for those who like horror and wanted to see something of this genre in Hindi.

You can go to watch this movie of you want to experience bit horror and Dont have much expectations. If you new to horror films then this will definitely give you “that” feel of horror.

I would rate it 3.5 out of 5.

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