True love v/s fate

True love is eternal.

The ones who love eachother truly are meant to be forever but its the fate that rule our lives. 

Sometimes two people fall in love with eachother and straight away  end up marrying eachother. And Sometimes two lovebirds will end up marrying someone else.

And…. Sometimes its like KUCH KUCH HOTA HOTA HAI , where two love birds fall in love with eachother and promise to be together forever but their fate plays its own game but they end up uniting at 30’s or 40’s or 50’s or later.

This is the story of Akshat and Aradhya , the two lovebirds , who had made promises to be together forever. But as FATE , Aradhya end up marrying someone else chosen by her parents.
Akshat and Aradhya were studying in the same college that’s how they met eachother. They were lovely couple and even their friends have always use to tell  them  that they are made for eachother.

But Akshat was still searching for a good job and Aradhya’s parents were forcing her to get married. Akshat was helpless, he thought of talking to Aradhya’s parents but he knew that they will rather question him back and Akshat at that point didn’t have any answers he himself was confused or rather afraid as he himself was not aware of his career.

He had no choice than letting his love to go away from him. They simply took this decision of going away from eachother . And that’s how they love story had come to an end. But that was not actually the end as they again meet after some years.
12 years later…….

Akshat is travelling by train to a place where he is looking forward for a new opportunity. He is now in search of adventure and had decided to be bachelor for his whole life. He still loved Aradhya but never tried to contact her. He just loved her immensely and his love had no boundaries. Though he wasn’t have Aradhya with him in real but he always feel her with him. Akshat’s parents were no more and he didn’t have any family members who  really bother about him. Therefore he decided to leave his life in his own terms and he really enjoyed it. 

And Aradhya with her 11 years old son, Karthik and her husband, Govind were also travelling on the same train to the same place where Akshat was heading to but they were there for their son’s state level dance competition. Karthik was a born dancer means he had that unique talent of dancing which some possess in their genes and if they are trained they could be the next Prabhudeva or a famous dancer and make his name worldwide. The competition was for children aged between 8- 13 and rather than telling it has a state level competition,  it was actually making noise because of the cash prize the winner will get. The first prize was a whopping amount of 5 lakh rupees + a free foreign trip. The second prize was 2 lakh rupees + a trip to shimla. And all other participants would get some exciting gifts!

This amazing competition was conducted by a hotel business person for the opening of his new hotel in that place as a part of promotion. The businessman was a well known person in hospatality field and had already been running 24 hotels successfully in different cities and states. 

The participants with their family provided free rooms in the same hotel and the competition was at the same venue. Fortunately or unfortunately even Akshat had planned to stay in the same hotel!

There were 14 participants, THE BEST participants selected from particular school and place. But where there is something GOOD there exists something BAD too! And there was a person named Ranjan whose son Rohit was also one of the participants. Ranjan was a cunning person and always wanted the best to be in his favour. There was a reversal of all the participants at the same stage where the next day , show will be performed. 

Ranjan after his every research and observations had understood the only competitor who would defeat his son from winning the prize was Karthik. And as usual he was not ready to settle for anything than the first prize. He was a psycho , and he would cross any limits to achieve what he wants. 
And he had a chance to achieve that 1st prize So that he could take his wife to their first ever foreign trip. His wife , Chandrika , always used to keep telling her fascination about foreign countries. And Ranjan too after hearing his wife umpteenth times now had developed that excitement to travel foreign countries though he initially felt it very irritating. 
Thus Ranjan’s planning begun. He was first thinking to kidnap Karthik but that was not a good idea. Then he thought of giving an offer to Karthik’s father, Govind and if he agrees then why not give it a try.

Ranjan kept looking for a opportunity and then he found one, when Govind came out after dinner may be check out how it looks everything around there at night.
Ranjan went to Govind and introduced himself.

“Hi, I am Ranjan, Rohit’s father, my son is one of the participant”

“Oh… Nice. I’m Govind, karthik’s father. My Son too a participant”

“Yes, I know.I mean I saw you while rehearsing.”
“Ah..OK. So what do you do Mr.Ranjan?”
“I own a shop like a small supermarket. And you Mr.Govind?”
” Oh nice. I’m working in HDFC bank”
” Good. See Mr.Govind actually I wanted to ask you something, like something very important”
“Yes tell me”
“Like this competition, the first prize.. like its my dream to go to foreign not only mine but also of my wife and son…so..”
Govind now more attentive,”So what? what can I do?”
“See your son is a strong competitor and that’s what .. and suppose if your son wins then your family will get a chance to visit foreign country”
“Oh.. See Ranjan I’m not interested now and if my son wins the first prize I would happily gift you the foreign trip”
“But Mr.Govind.. that’s not possible according to the terms and conditions of the winners prizes.. and if it happens so then my wife and son won’t be that happy to receive someone else prize .. I hope you understand it”
“Hmmmm.. See Mr.Ranjan , I can understand but there is no other way right, just make sure your son gives the best performance that’s all”
“There is a way…Hmmmmnn”
“Just ask your son to do 2 or 3 mistakes in his performance”
“No.. I can’t do that… he is really passionate about dancing and I can’t anything such which will make him hate me!”
“But You can just give it a try… if you can’t atleast let me talk to you son”
Govind was now getting angry and furious just scold Ranjan, “No.. don’t ever try to talk to my son ..or else straight away I will complain to the authority and cancel your son’s name so Dont try to do anything such. just go and train your son to perform the best”
Ranjan understood the anger of Govind and just walked away.
Even Govind’s mood had affected and he too walks away to his room.
Akshat is really enjoying his stay and looking forward to his next career. He after trying a lot had cracked a job in a travel and tourism office as a counter person and serving customers and explaining them the various packages. His work got much appreciation and now after working there for 8 years he is now going to get a bigger opportunity, may be head of the new branch. He always found his work adventurous. Though he got a chance to visit just Malaysia and Dubai with his colleagues, but whenever he explained his customers about the various places it is as though he really visited and experienced the beauty of those places. And now his career was to hit the sky!

Akshat while roaming around the hotel had got a glance of Aradhya but he was not sure of whether that was really Aradhya as in past 12 years she had changed a lot and was a normal change happens to a female after marriage and the particular age. but he knew that she has now left her past behind far away and was living happily with her family.

The final competition has finally arrived and it was to take place at 5pm. It was 11 in the morning and Ranjan was in mixed situation with anger, confusion, irritated and lust for the prize. He was really about to do something wrong and going to cause a trouble and just he didn’t knew what or how big the trouble will be.
His mind was turning him into criminal. He was may be about to commit the biggest crime of his life. He even for a second thought of killing Karan but No, he is not that kind of person. Just that first prize and his wife continuous talk to visit a foreign country had taken control over his mind. And now he was not controlling his mind , it was that FOREIGN TRIP AND HIS WIFE’S wish doing all the thing.
And now he had started to think criminally but still not to that extent of killing someone.
finally, he thought of doing a minor injury to Karan.
It was time. And the competition had begun.Judges were ready , audience excited and blasting environment! Everyone going crazy and enjoying to the fullest.
Rohit’s number was 8 and Karan was to perform at number 12. 
It was around 7 and Rohit was to perform. He really performed mindblowingly and now everyone thought that among those 8 contestants definitely Rohit was to win the first prize. But still 6 more to go!
Akshat was also enjoying the whole event and didn’t know how his life going to twist in a never thought way.
Now its the time for the 11th contestant to perform and Ranjan ready to cause some serious damage and was looking to cause some serious damage.
Karan was nervous and excited and wanted to go for pee. so Govind took Karan to washroom not aware that what next few minutes will change everything.
Ranjan saw Govind and Karan going to washroom and he followed them. He wore a mask to cover his face and carried a small rod to injure Karan.
He entered the washroom and found both Govind and Karan  peeing and ran to hit Karan’s leg just enough to cause minor injury. But Govind sensed the danger and turned back. He pushed Ranjan saving his son but in a attempt to give another punch, he slipped and his head hit the shard edge of tap basin which caused a severe damage and he feel unconscious bleeding. Karan was Blank watching his father in such a horrifying state. Ranjan just ran away.

” Now the 12th contestant, Karan is going to perform” being announced.

Everyone started clapping but noone could see any boy on the stage.
Aradhya now nervous and worried searching her husband and son , looking here and there.
the announcement was done again for the fourth time but still noone near the stage, even Aradhya had been wandering here and there.
As the show must go on and as none of them new the real matter they continued with the 13th and 14th contestants.
Aradhya after searching her husband and son more 20 minutes finally reached the washroom and saw the shocking ever view of her life. Her husband almost taking his last few breaths and son, crying and stood like a statue.

The next day….Govind took his last breath. Ranjan was caught because of camera footage identifying his shoe and pant shirt. Aradhya couldn’t believe how her life too

took deadliest turn ever. 

Akshat got to know everything and he was most suffering person in that place as the love of his life was in unimaginable condition.

After 8 months….

Akshat married Aradhya and now Karan had able to cope with everything. But Govind will always have a special place in Aradhya’s and Karan’s heart.